Vamos a Acapulco.

Acapulco is located in the Mexican state of Guerrero and offers some of the most extravagant beach front properties. The most important thing to remember before booking any vacation to Acapulco is to research your own countries travel advisories for traveling abroad.

 If your host country don’t have such information, miser travel recommends you use travel advisories of Canada, the United Kingdom, United States travel advisories on their government websites.  

With that said, If you going to Acapulco, you want to do an all inclusive trip or guided trip in the popular tourist areas. Miser tavel don’t recommend leaving the main tourist areas. Miser Travel recommends reading online reviews when booking your hotels for the best advise of where to stay.  

 As of 2020, only seasonal commercial flights enter/leave Acapulco from abroad. You most likely will be connecting through Mexico City international airport. Fights from Mexico city and hotel accommodations in Acapulco are pretty cheap.  

Safe travels