Los Cabos.  One airport and two towns.   San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas?

Misertravel has toured most of Los Cabos and recommends going to Cabo San Lucas if you going to Los Cabos for the first time.  Cabo San Lucas is the main event.  It is where the arch is located, where all the fun is.

If you arriving on an international flight, you will most likely land at Terminal 2.  The escalators going downstairs exiting the airport will take you to the ATM’s to get Mexican Pesos. Or use your preferred method to get the best exchange rate.  The ATM’s work better for misertravel.

Click on this image for bus operation information.

Airport transportation to your hotel is relatively expensive for Mexico.  Most arriving passengers don’t use them and have transportation pre arranged, or use the  shared bus.  The taxi fares are more expensive than Cancun and in many instances cost more than flights to Los Cabos.  Locals , tourist, misertravel avoid this by taking the airport bus that take you all the way to the center of Cabo San Lucas  near Plaza Bonita for about $4 U.S. dollars.  Pay in Mexican Pesos. If you arrive in Terminal 2, it takes about 10-12 minutes to walk with rolling luggage to Terminal 1 to take the bus.  The bus ride is about an hour.  

Be careful and plan accordingly when returning so you don’t miss your flight.  Download an offline map such as google maps to track your movement with GPS so you know when to signal the driver to stop near your hotel when you arriving in Cabo San Lucas.  Enter your hotel name on the GPS as if you was driving to it.  When you arrive find the exact stop you will be using to board the bus back to the airport when you leaving.

The area of Plaza Bonita at the Cabo San Lucas Marina is the center of all the entertainment and activities.  The entire region of hotels, restaurants, bars are tailored to the north American/European tourist in offerings,selections, and pricing.  Plan ahead to reduce the tourist trap effect and keep it miser. When booking your hotel, don’t’ accidentally book in San Jose Del Cabo when you really need to be in Cabo San Lucas.  Use Plaza Bonita as a reference point to pick your hotel and to get off the bus when arriving from the airport. 

Ask any of the vendors to point you to the departure point on this map to El Arco, and other beaches on the route.

The glass bottom or other small boat tours (canoe) to El Arco which last just under an hour cost 200 to 250 Mexican pesos at the departure point.    The cost is approximately three times more when purchased online or anywhere else. Misertravel has done this tour many times.  The ride gets rocky since the water is choppy near the Arc, but safe and you have a life preserver on anyways. 

Despite being a tourist trap, souvenirs are reasonably priced at the shops.