Let’s go to Tokyo.

Getting around in Tokyo.

The train system in Tokyo is misertravel’s favorite mode of transportation and easiest to understand for foreigners. The map is available in a few languages.  Click on the map to be directed to the official site. If you finding it difficult to understand the map, travel directions are incorporated with the train and schedule using Google maps.  This made it a lot easier for misertravel after studying the map.

Click on this map to be redirected to Tokyo Metro official site.

The site gives you ticket information, however, just like misertravel, you may find yourself staring at the ticket machine for a while before figuring out where to start.  Click here for instructions.

Click on this image to be re-directed to Tokyo Metro for operating instructions. You can start learning how to use this machine and how to get around on this site.

If you plan on using the train a lot during the day, you might want to consider the one day unlimited metro card.  It’s a real bargain for a major city.

Where to Stay?

You have a lot of option on where to stay in Tokyo. Misertravel recommends using the map function when selecting a hotel in Tokyo and pick one based on your budget, likeness, where you need to be, near a train stop within the city. This will give you a great price range and selection and Tokyo has a great train transportation system.  Misertravel prefers hotels walking distance to the city center/Tokyo Station for easy commute to everywhere else by train.

You can find good places to eat at low prices near Tokyo Station.

What to see?

Start listing all the attractions you would like to visit in Tokyo, and plan on visiting them using the train.  It’s the best and most economical way to see all of Tokyo’s top attractions. The unlimited 24 hour metro train card is a real bargain. Google maps works very well with train schedule and walking directions to all the sites in Tokyo.  


Best value for first class flights.  Long haul flights to and from Tokyo are good to redeem frequent flyer miles for flat bed first class.  You can find flat bed first class tickets from North America to Tokyo at a real bargain because of competition.

Misertravel flat bed first class, Tokyo to New York and Tokyo to Los Angeles.
The airline lounges at the airport in Tokyo-Narita are really amazing with serve yourself buffets and bars.