Barranquilla and Barranquilla Carnival.

Barranquilla is not as popular of a tourist destination in Colombia as Bogota and Cartagena. Misertravel has toured the majority of the city of Barranquilla and has been to the Barranquilla carnival many times. Barranquilla is not really a tourist city. For example, misertravel hired a guide for a tour in another part of Barranquilla called Castillo De Salgar and misertravel ends up guiding the tour guide (using information found on the internet) since the tour guide was not as knowledgeable of the destination.

Castillo De Salgar

Misertravel favorite activities in Barranquilla is the Carnival, public festivities, the Barranquilla Zoo and the mall.  As of 2020, no dedicated tours are available in the city. You can search online for the most important sites you would like to see and just take a taxi there. The taxi fares are relatively low. The people of Barranquilla are really amazing. To make the best of your trip is to know at least basic Spanish.

Where to Stay?

Misertravel has stayed in Centro Barranquilla during Carnival when all the best locations were sold out. Misertravel recommends using Washington Park as a reference point of the best area to stay in Barranquilla. It is the modern area with hotels, restaurants, and shops. The hotels are relatively low cost except for Barranquilla Carnival dates. You can also take a taxi to the mall. If you on a business trip or here for the carnival this is the best area to stay. The carnival is typically held in February. Book hotel rooms that allow free cancellation as far back as 6 months before the carnival to get the best rates. And keep researching the dates since the prices may drop. You can always cancel or make changes.

You need tickets to enter the carnival. There are many people offering to sell you carnival tickets right near the carnival. Most of them are scams. Go online to find the official way to obtain your tickets or you will have problems entering the carnival. You want to be inside where misertravel is taking those pictures from or where all those spectators are sitting.

Taking local buses to Santa Marta and Cartagena.

Misertravel has taken the local buses between Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Cartagena. Misertravel don’t recommend using this mode of transportation if you don’t know basic Spanish or stand out as a North American/European tourist. Flights within Colombia are relatively low in cost and is your safest mode of transportation between cities.