Destination Dublin. 

Even though Dublin is an expensive city, you can really come here on a dime if you plan the misertravel way.

You probably notice cheap flights to Dublin or from an Ireland based airline. If you booking any flight on any cheap airline or any airline based in Ireland, research their check in procedures to get your boarding pass and carry on baggage allowance before booking. Read their online reviews. You can ruin your trip before even starting if you don’t understand exactly what you are booking.

The Airlink Express airport bus is your cheapest option to get to the city when you arrive in Dublin. It cost about 7 Euros each way. It is easy to purchase tickets and the directions and signs are clear at the airport. You just need to know which stop you need to get off close to your hotel when you get to the city.

Google maps was most useful to use public transportation in Dublin.  Just enter your destination and you will get public transportation directions with walking directions.

Where to stay in Dublin?

Misertravel recommend you stay on either side of River Liffey and use your walking distance to Trinity College as a reference point. The hotel’s here are generally boutique style. You can find hotels here starting between 45-80 Euros per night.  Anything cheaper than that range is usually not a hotel. This is the area to be day and night and you can walk to many places from here for food, attractions and entertainment. Better selection and price on souvenirs here as well. It’s all supply and demand so book early since hotel rooms sell out fast in Dublin and the earlier the better rate you get. If you cant find anything just use the map view function to pick a hotel as close as possible to the city center based on your budget and likeness.  

What to see?

Misertavel has toured the entire city of Dublin. If you here for a short stay and don’t have much time, you should do the hop on and off bus tour and the duck boat tour. If you here over three days, you can do just the duck boar tour and use public transportation or walk to everywhere else.