Vamos a Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Where to stay in Guatemala City?

Whether you on vacation or just couldn’t resist the incredibly low cost flights to Guatemala City and booked one, you want to stay on the area on the map above. This is the safer area in Guatemala City in Zone 10. 

Using dollars or Guatemalan Quetzal. 

Although the Taxi’s and many merchants may accept U.S. dollars, misertravel recommends paying in quetzal.  Everything cost less in quetzal/GTQ.  You should get 800 GTQ, which is about $100 U.S dollars of the local currency in Guatemala for a long weekend trip.  Food, taxi fares are incredibly cheap in Guatemala City so you should have plenty left to buy souvenirs if you on a low budget.

What to see?

Misertravel has been to nearly all local cultural areas and tourist attractions in Guatemala City day and night and has narrowed it down to exactly where you should go.  No need to hire a guide or book a tour.  Take a taxi to Parque Central or National Palace of Culture. Nearly all the major tourist attractions are located right here. Keep your valuables secure and enjoy the day trip.

The flea markets are really congested.   Misertravel don’t recommend being out there at night. 

Leaving Guatemala. Don’t miss your flight.  Sometimes the lines are very long to complete the immigration/customs form to leave the country at the airport.