Bienvenue en Haiti.

If you planning on going to Haiti through a cruise and going to Labadee, you should have a great time.  You can actually go solo on these types of vacations.  Other than that, misertravel don’t recommend visiting Haiti unless it’s planned travel with family, friends, or missionary type work.

With that said, you should still go since misertravel considers this one of the greatest cultural experience you will ever have, and not glamorizing the troubled Island as a tourist destination. 

Where to Stay?

If you going with friends, family, or for missionary work, they are probably going to want you to stay at a designated place.  Misertravel has done this, however, prefers to get a hotel with all the usual comforts.  The best way to do that and minimize the chaos effect is to stay at a major brand hotel.  The major brand hotels are normally where you will get electricity 24/7.  Read reviews from actual customers before booking.

What to see?

Misertravel excursions in Haiti are between Saint-Mark, through Port Au Prince down to Miragoane. Misertravel went with a mortorcade of friends and family traveling down the island from Port Au Prince.  This is not a destination where you are in control if you decide to come on vacation here.  Ordinary things you get to do back in your country can be chaotic here.  You will realize that as soon as you arrive.

Everything is always miser in Haiti, bring single dollar bills or small denominations of your currency to change if necessary.  Review the safety precautions from your country regarding travel to Haiti.  if you get sick easily eating away from home, ask your doctor for any suggestions on good medication to keep you from getting sick if needed. Bring your own travel size toiletries and baby wipes.  And if you find it challenging to take a vacation to a developing country in Africa or any other country in the Eastern Hemisphere, come to Haiti first for training.

What misertravel loves most about Haiti in general?

The humble and good hearted people, and the food.