Queenstown, New Zealand.

Queenstown is very appealing to the eye especially if you visiting from an urban concrete city. You will not need a car if you staying in Queenstown. Nearly all the excursions that takes you far away from Queenstown (Milford Sound) offer pick up and drop off services. If you plan on taking the bus, research your hotels walking distance to the nearest bus stop and download an offline GPS map such as Google map of Queenstown. This is also recommended with a rental car.

To really go miser in Queenstown is to book your trip in advance and go off peak times.  This is not the destination to find a hotel room reasonably priced at the reception.  If you plan on staying away from Queenstown and need a rental car, make sure to research the car insurance options in New Zealand with associated copays.  It’s really different than renting cars in the United States for example.  There is even sections right near the airport where wrecked rental cars are parked.

Pay attention when crossing the street.  One lady try to run over an old man with her SUV since he was taking too long to cross the street right in front of us.

Miser travel noticed nearly all the excursions researched online was priced significantly cheaper  from the vendors in Queenstown when purchased in person.  It might be a good idea to purchase your excursions in Queenstown if your party is small or visiting Queenstown during slow season.

If you going to engage in extreme sports (paragliding, skiing, rafting.. not controlled by a company (like bungy jumping at an amusement park), make sure to research travel insurance if needed.  Can’t imagine how much a  mess a miser can get into if you couldn’t be evacuated across the pacific from an accident.