Destination Copenhagen.

Where to Stay?

Lodging can be expensive in Copenhagen. You have to book early to get a hotel room under 100 euros per night here. Even though it’s the largest city in Denmark, the city is relatively small. Book early and try to get a hotel walking distance of Kongens Nytorv train station. This is the best area to be for tourist and the train from the airport stops directly here.

Public transportation works well in Copenhagen. You have more options to pick a hotel based on your budget. Misertravel recommends picking one near a train station. Here is the link to public transportation information for Copenhagen Google maps works well with public transportation here as well. 


What to See?

Misertravel has toured all of Copenhagen. The canal boat tour here is one of the best in the world.  Don’t miss it and you can walk and take public transportation everywhere else if you staying in Copenhagen for a few days. If not, take the tour bus to save time. Good luck finding souvenirs if you on a low budget. The most expensive made in china souvenirs are found here.