Bem-Vindo a São Paulo. Welcome to Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo is a really monster in size of a city. From the moment the plane is about to land, It feels overwhelming every time misertravel visits the city passing the really tall buildings right below and the traffic.  Rush hour traffic here can be ridiculous. Unlike Rio De Janeiro with major tourist attractions, to have a great time in Sao Paulo is to know some basic Portuguese or have a friend that can speak your language.  You should be OK on a business trip since many hotel reception staff usually speak English and Spanish.   

Where to stay?

Don’t forget your international adapter. You will need it in Brazil. Click on the image for more options. #Ad.

If you finding it difficult to pick an area to stay in Sao Paulo, misertravel recommends when searching for a hotel that you pick Jardin/Paulista as your neighborhood.  From there you can narrow your search.  Use your walking distance to the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo as a reference point.  This is the area you want to be day and night in Sao Paulo. It will take you up to an hour to get to your hotel from the airport.   

What to see?

Misertravel considers it difficult to tour all of Sao Paulo.  If you have plenty of free time while in Sao Paulo, plan where you want to see and use the metro to get there.  The Sao Paulo metro is fairly easy to understand.  Google maps is misertravels preferred trip planner since you can get accurate walking distance and directions between where you need to be at and the train stations.

Click on this map to visit Sao Paulo Metro.

The city hop on hop off bus gives you a small overview of the city.  If you on a one day layover, it’s not a good idea to get off the bus since they don’t come often.  It’s best to sit and listen and enjoy the ride and fight the traffic back to your hotel.  In ten years, misertravel has not fully toured this massive city.

Taxi’s in Sao Paulo.

Familiarize yourself with the routes when taking taxi’s in Sao Paulo.  If you can, avoid taking taxi’s during rush hour or high traffic. Misertravel prefers to use the Taxi’s at night.