Vamos a Puerto Rico.

It’s been pretty challenging to book a trip to Puerto Rico since the hurricane, earthquakes, and now COVID-19.  Don’t be fooled by the periodically low plane ticket prices to San Juan.  Even with the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown, the inflated hotel pricing seen in recent years in Puerto Rico don’t appear to be changing.  Even the tours are inflated.   Misertravel has toured the majority of the island using a rental car and here are some tips to keep it miser. 

Where to stay?

Misertravel only stays in Isla Verde in San Juan, and a resort in Fajardo. However, the best adventures for misertravel on the island is the El Yunque Rainforest, kayaking, the beach, and the nightlife around San Juan.  You don’t need to stay at an inflated hotel to enjoy the best activities on the whole island.  The beach and nightlife in Isla Verde is open to the public.  

Get a rental car.


Getting a rental car gives you the greatest flexibility on where to say.  The place to get the best arroz con grandules and the best mofongo dishes are in separate restaurants anyway. 

The island is really easy to navigate around and GPS works perfectly here.  The Island is so small, you can circle the entire island round trip in one day and get 8 hours of sleep that same day. Book your rental car in advance for the best rates.

The rental car insurance coverage here can cost more than the rental.  Misertravel recommends researching your own car insurance and your credit card to see if you have coverage already for rental car and the deductible.  If not, booking your rental car through a major third party can provide you similar coverage for a lot less.

You can download an offline map in Google Maps of the entire island for an offline GPS without using your data. Than you can just click to where you want to go and drive to it.