Layover in Mexico City.  

On a business trip, or just connecting to your real destination.  

Well if you have a few hours in one of the most populous cities on earth, head straight to the historic city center.  The main things to see and do are all within walking distance.  Show the above picture  to the taxi driver and just say vamos aqui (let’s go here). 

Miser travel has toured the majority of this huge city and this is really it.  Taxi fares are relatively cheap in Mexico City.  For example the authorized Taxi at MEX international airport to your hotel can cost around $350 pesos.  However, if you hail a public street taxi when returning from your hotel to the airport, the fare cost around 120 pesos.  Local taxi’s fare to local destination within the city are a lot less than coming from the airport.  Miser travel don’t recommend riding the trains or public buses in Mexico City if you stand out as a tourist, don’t know basic Spanish, or can’t blend in as a local.

Plan ahead on what you really want to see on the map. Keep your purse, wallet secure at all times since it get’s really congested with people.