Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Berlin. Air, hotel and train packages.

Misertravel has done these trips many times and it’s a lot cheaper to book these trips on your own than go with a package. Misertravel went with a package on the first trip and will never do that again. You can get better hotels in or near the city center or the central train stations when you book it by yourself and don’t have to go only when it’s cold. For example, 12 night packages priced about $3000 U.S. dollars per person with flights are less than $1600 U.S dollars with flights when you book it by yourself.  

The $3000 per person packages generally will not include food, tours, transportation around the city, check -in luggage and seating assignments on the flights and train. You should be booking this yourself anyway. You become more engaged on what to do when you get there when you book it yourself which makes the travel more adventurous.

You can customize it further and stay two nights in each city instead of three or stay for more nights in you’re preferred city. You can skip a city.  

Misertravel stays at local brand hotels. This is one of misertravel’s favorite hotels on this route.

You should fly into Budapest and fly out of Berlin unless you find an incredibly low round trip flight here coming from North and South America. Like those $250 to$500 round-trip flights to nearby European cities. You can book separate flights to Budapest and Berlin which are generally really cheap.

Booking your train tickets between Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Berlin.

The trains can be so quiet you fall asleep. Don’t miss your stop.

Misertravel books directly with the train operator or buys the train tickets at the station. This is the cheapest option and the best option to get fastest and strait tickets without layovers and changing trains. Misertravel had a layover in Bratislava the first time on this route. You can make a day trip to Bratislava from Vienna or Budapest by bus as well.

Generally, the country you leaving from and your destination country have their own trains that does the same journey. Compare the prices and options to see what is best for you.   

Budapest Keliti station to Wien Hauptbahnhof, Vienna station is about 16 to 26 Euros one way.

Wein Hautbahnhof, Vienna Station to Praha hlavní nádraží, Prague station is about 26 to 69 Euros one way.

Praha hlavní nádraží, Prague station to Berlin HBF is about 388CZK to 665 CZK one way.

Visit each operator site to compare prices with your own searches.

Suggestions on where to stay in each city.


Use the map function to choose a hotel in the walking distances of Budapest Keliti train station and the city center. You have a lot of hotels in this area for all budgets and it’s the ideal area to be for sightseeing. Misertravel stays right near Keliti station. You can visit the Budapest public transportation site for the latest operation information if you want to stay somewhere else.


Use the map function to choose a hotel the area of Wien Hauptanhnhof and the city center. You want to be in this area for sightseeing and especially around the holidays when it’s snowing and hot wine is sold on the street with classical and Mozart theme. The packages generally will place you in a hotel near the Austria center Vienna when there are better and cheaper hotels in the city center if you book it by yourself. 


You should try to stay in Prague 1 or use your walking distance to Wenceslas Square to pick a hotel. Taxi fares here are relatively cheap in Prague and tours are relatively cheap.


Misertravel considers the DB train network easy to understand. You have more options here to select a hotel near a train stop and not get loss even if you don’t use Google maps for directions. Misertravel stays at a hotel right near Berlin HBF.  You can take public transportation to all of Berlin’s must see attractions. Click on the image below for the Bahn website.

Click on this link to be taken to the Bahn website.

Misertravel has taken trips to many cities/towns in Germany including Dresden,Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart by DB train and airplane. If the flight is a one hour flight time and the train is 3 to 4 hours, the train ends up being faster, more comfortable, more convenient and cheaper in most cases. 

All these cities public transportation systems worked well for misertravel using Google maps for directions and schedule. Misertravel also rides the trams and buses, however you might find it less complicated to just take the trains for your first trip in this region.

All these cities are relatively small, and misertravel only recommends canal/boat tours and taking public transportation everywhere else for sightseeing. Riding the trains and trams is an adventure itself.   


Before you book any flights within Europe on a cheap airlines, read their instructions carefully on checking in procedures and luggage allowance. Misertravel packs light with one carry on and a personal item. Read online reviews of the airline you choose before booking. There is a lot of options and not picking correctly can ruin your vacation if you not prepared.

A lot of KFC’s in Budapest.

Always have your passport with you traveling between Schengen countries by land as well.

Keep the train map they give you at the train stations to pay attention to stops so you don’t miss your stop.  You can take a picture of the route at the station or on the train if you don’t have a map.  Misertravel recommends setting up your cell phone alarm to go off a few minutes before your stop just in case you fall asleep.


The ATM’s provide the best exchange rates for misertravel and many ATM’s don’t have withdrawal fees. Only withdraw near the exact cash you need in Hungary(Hungarian Forint) and in Czech Republic (Czech Koruna) currencies. The Euro’s you get in Vienna can be used in Prague and Berlin and less complicated to sell back in most cases.  Merchants in Czech Republic generally accept Euro’s.