Vamos a Pereira.

Pereira is the capital and most populated city in Risaralda Colombia.  It’s misertravel preferred city to get to Los Nevados National Park for the bargain and accessibility.  The city is really quite.

Where to stay?

Misertravel prefers to stay in hotels within the city center with good online reviews.  Hotels are really low cost for 4 and 5 star accommodations.  Misertravel uses “Bolivar Plaza” as a reference point for walking tours and choosing a hotel.

If you get tired of walking, taxi’s are are also low in cost.  Just take screenshots of exactly where you plan on going to show the driver. Tours advertised at your hotel reception are really reasonable.  Misertravel recommends using them in Pereira especially for coffee tours.

Souvenirs are really hard to find in the city.  You can find plenty at the airport.