Short Layover Mexico City.. Vamos a Toetihuacan

The best and fastest way to get to Teotihuacan on a layover is by Taxi or UBER.  You can combine this trip with a visit to the historic city center in Mexico City.

Misertravel took the bus from MEX airport and within the city to Teotihuacan and misertravel don’t recommend taking the bus to Teotihuacan if you a tourist on a short layover since the taxi fare of approximately 250 to 300 pesos each way is relatively cheap for the comfort and expediency.  The bus is only recommended if you will be in Mexico City for an extended period of time and on a less than miser budget.  

The entrance fee is 80 Mexican pesos.  It’s not required or necessary to hire a guide or pay the taking video fee unless you actually using video equipment like a big camcorder or just want to make a small donation to the site.

Combine your Teotihuacan layover trip with Mexico City historic city center. Click the image.

The stairs are pretty steep to climb.  Be careful if you suffer from vertigo.


The authorized Taxi at MEX international airport to your hotel can cost around $350 pesos.    However, if you hail a public street taxi when returning from your hotel to the airport, the fare can cost around 120 pesos.  Taking a taxi within the city to a local or long distance location cost a lot less than coming from the airport.  Miser travel don’t recommend riding the trains or public buses in Mexico City if you stand out as a North American, European… tourist, don’t know basic Spanish, or can’t blend in as a local.   UBER or using the Taxi from your hotel reception would be the best option if you feel uncomfortable hailing public street Taxi’s.  UBER/Rideshare’s are not readily available to return from Teotihuacan.  You can terminate the trip once you arrive at Teotihuacan and negotiate a cash return price with the UBER driver.  The driver will wait for you.  Misertravel has done this as well and it cost less.