Let’s go to Singapore.

As far as a flight to Singapore can be, you probably noticed some relatively cheap flights to get there.  

You can even find round trip, flat-bed first class tickets from North America to Singapore for under $4K. Singapore has the most to offer and see than any other small country in the world.   Singapore is rich and can be an expensive destination.  However, you can visit here on a budget.  Misertravel has toured all of Singapore City and here are your quick tips.

Misertravel flat bed first class cost a lot less than short/similar flights to Europe.

Where to Stay

Singapore city is small, however, where you stay makes a great difference on how easy it’s going to be to get around by walking and bus/train.  Orchard road and walking distance to Paragon Shopping Mall is a great reference point, however, you can actually stay in other areas in this city and enjoy all the great things the city has to offer. You can stay in any neighborhood here on a bus line based on your budget. Taxi’s fares are reasonable here. Rates can vary with surcharges, especially during the night.

Plan and book early to get the best hotel rates.  Google maps works well with the bus and train network in Singapore.   

Click this link to be taken to the Singapore public transporation site. https://www.lta.gov.sg/content/ltagov/en/getting_around/public_transport/rail_network.html

What to see?

The top site not to miss is Marina Bay Sky Park and Merlion Park.  If you going to be here for a short stay, misertravel recommends taking the combo Duck canal boat tour with the hop on and hop off bus.  There are a few station to hop on and purchase tickets on Orchard road.  If you here for a little longer, take the boat tour and you can walk and take the local buses to the other attractions. You can use Google maps since the bus schedule and walking directions are included.

If you want to go to Kuala Lumpur, it’s a lot cheaper to book it and do it yourself than taking a tour.  Mister travel took the train from Woodlands Train Checkpoint to Kuala Lumpur and the flight.  It’s relatively cheap to take the train or a flight even when booked last minute leaving from Singapore.  Flights to other cities in Asia can be a real bargain from here as well.