Vamos a Buenos Aires.

A trip to Buenos Aires can be a real bargain for a major modern city. Food, hotel accommodations, and taxi fares are relatively cheap here. You can always use the metro train. Google maps works well as a trip planner here with public transportation.

Click on this link for the metro site.

Where to stay?

Misertravel stays in both the city center and Palermo. If you are a city person, or here on a quick trip and prefer to walk to major landmarks in Buenos Aires, the city center will be perfect for you. Palermo is better overall if you going to be in Buenos Aires for a longer stay. Bus, train and taxi to the city center are real cheap. Misertravel prefers  the larger hotel suites in Palermo which are relatively low in cost.  

 What to see?

El Caminito

The hop on and hop off bus is OK for a short layover in Buenos Aires. If you going to be here for a longer stay, get your map and enjoy day trips walking around the city like misertravel. You can save a map on your cellphone or your hotel reception usually have them. Plan where you want to go using the bus and train to have the best time. Don’t forget a day trip to El Caminito. Great place to get souvenirs.  

There are many trip planning options to get down to Patagonia by land and flying between Chile and Argentina. It’s generally a lot cheaper to plan your trip to Patagonia through and within Chile than going from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s also a lot cheaper to backpack and plan your own trip than booking a comprehensive tour from Buenos Aires.

You may need to book up to a year before your trip. You have nothing to lose when booking car rentals and hotel accommodations that allow free cancellations. Flights to and within Argentina sometimes give you a cheaper rate when booked in Spanish or give you a rate for local residents and one for outsiders for the same ticket. Misertravel always pick the cheapest rate.