Destination Helsinki.

Helsinki is the calmest major city in Scandinavia for misertravel. It’s even more quite than Stockholm.  

Where to stay?

Hotels here are relatively expensive. Misertravel paid 70 Euros per night here at a hotel right near the train station and that was a bargain. You can find cheaper hotels than that if you book early. Look at the room details when booking to insure your hotel room includes a private bathroom. You should pick a hotel near the Central Train station in Helsinki. The train from the airport stops right here.

Central station area put’s you walking distance to sight seeing and many hotels.

What to See?

You can walk to the boat pier to catch the ferry to suomenlinna fortress if you staying in a hotel around the central train station area. It’s the number one attraction in Helsinki. It’s the quietest place misertravel has ever visited.  It’s quieter than a library.

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You can walk and use public transportation to other attractions in the city. You really don’t need to take the hop on and hop off unless you are really short of time and just don’t feeling like walking.    

Best tasting chocolate and bottled water in the world in misertravel’s opinion.