Vamos a La Paz, Bolivia. 

If you want to have a great time trekking the top nature sites in the world, come here prepared. Be ready with your altitude sickness remedies if needed.  Even if you lived in an area considered high in altitude, the difference in breathing in La Paz area due to the altitude is really something you probably never experienced before in your life.  

You should feel it as soon as you land in La Paz while you walk off your airplane. The air will not feel normal again in La Paz until you get back on the airplane and the pilot pressurizes the cabin.   You should ask your doctor if altitude sickness can be a major health concern for you. This can be your biggest challenge for this trip. Everything feels like you climbing somewhere walking around the city.  That can be challenging for some people combine with the altitude.  Food, tours, hotel accommodations, taxi fares are relatively cheap here.

Everything is a lot cheaper when paid in Bolivian Boliviano’s.  For example, a complete hot meal can cost 10 Boliviano’s at a local restaurant.  This is less than $2 U.S. dollars.

10 Boliviano’s Meal.

Where to stay? The map below shows the ideal area to stay.

Three, 4, and 5 star accommodations here can be different than what you are use to in major cities.  Many tend to have a vintage, home feel rather than a hotel.   You can have a great stay at a top rated hotel, breakfast included, with an amazing staff.  Misertravel recommends using the map function to stay at a highly reviewed hotel near a teleferico station in the city.  Read reviews from actual customers to mentally prepare yourself. 

What to see?

The major highlight in La Paz for misertravel is all the panoramic views of the city and Death Road/North Yungas Road.  Misertravel recommends you prioritize your trip events that way and you can do the cultural tours within the city last.  Unless you really need to acclimatize for a high altitude trek.   

For the best panormomic views of La Paz, you need to drive to certain high points. Besides the Teleferico Cable, you can take a taxi to these points.  The local taxi’s know where the points are to get the best views.  You can show them some of these pictures as well.  Misertravel negotiated all day tour  to all the city high points and Muela Del Diablo.  The Teleferico will not take you to most of these locations.  Misertravel considers these fares really reasonable considering the distance. You can hire a driver all day.  Misertravel did this and it was a real bargain paid in Boliviano’s.

The driver will stay with you.  Just need your basic Spanish.  If you don’t know basic Spanish, type up your trip plan in Google translate so the driver can see exactly what you want. You get a lot better rates negotiating with taxi’s outside your hotel.  The ones attached to your hotel called by your hotel reception may have standard rates.  

Misertravel could not enjoy La Paz as much as planned on the last visits to Bolivia because there was a major political event and roadblocks as a result.  Do your own research on travel advisories and safety concerns.  Misertravel recommends you read the news directly from Bolivia as well for  the most up to date information.  Misertravels adventures in La Paz and the rest of Bolivia is to be continued.