Vamos a San Pedro Sula, just for the weekend.

If you heading to San Pedro Sula, you most likely not going on vacation in San Pedro Sula. But, if you need to check this off your list or couldn’t resist an incredibly low plane ticket , you should stay at a top rated hotel based on customer reviews in this area on the map below.  

Food, taxi fares are incredibly cheap in this city.  Misertravel obtained 2,500 Honduran Lempira at the ATM, which is about $100 U.S. dollars and it was too much money that had to be changed back even after purchasing souvenirs at the airport.  Ask airport information if you need help finding the guy by the coffee shop that changes back your Honduran Lempiras.


The tour guide misertravel hired for a tour of San Pedro Sula and surroundings recommends getting back to your hotel/safe area by 6 pm.  Misertravel recommends 5pm.  It’s 2020 and security situations change so do your own research.  However it’s no man’s land after 6pm.

What to see?

Catedral de San Pedro Apostol is the main attraction here. This is where misertravel hired the tour guide.  The highlight of the tour was a Coca Cola sign. The highlight of this trip was the excellent hotel staff, the Multiplaza mall, and the people of Honduras are nice and friendly in general.  San Pedro Sula….check.