Let’s got to Muriwai Gannet Colony, New Zealand. 

Muriwai Gannet Colony is located approximately 40 Kilometers west of Auckland.  It takes less than an hour to get there from Auckland by car.  Public transportation is really difficult.  Tour options are very limited and not enough competition.   For this reason, misertravel recommend you avoid the tour companies.

The pricing for tours are a rip off considering the package options are not anything unique and are mundane activities you can complete by yourself.  You don’t need a tour especially for Gannet Colony since everything you need to know is clearly labeled and easily accessible on the internet in basic English.

If you don’t have a car, your only challenge is getting there.

Misertravel has research all the travel options and here is the fastest, lowest cost, most flexible and best value.

Ride-shares such as UBER do take you to Gannet Colony, however, it’s difficult to return since it’s kind of remote.  Misertravel inquired about the cost of round trip fare to Gannet Colony with sufficient time to tour the site.  There are many licensed, authorized, taxi’s parked in Auckland that can’t get a fare unless it’s rush hour.  Misertravel offered in cash the quoted amount  $79.64NZ each way from ride-shares.  All operators accepted a slightly lesser amount in cash since it’s round trip and they most likely would not pick up a return passenger.

For $100.NZ round-trip cash, misertravel hired a luxurious taxi round-trip and completed a day tour to Gannet Colony for less than a third of the price quoted by the tour companies.   This method may not work using taxi drivers called from your hotel reception since many are trying to get a standard rate which can place their quotes similar to the tour companies.

No need to book anything.  No need to worry about cancellations/refunds if you cant make it.  And you can even split the cost.  It’s year 2020, so keep it miser by researching online to insure this is still a better option.