Bucaramanga to San Gil

The picture above is taken from the road from Bucaramanga to San Gil.

San Gil is a small city located about 100 kilometers south of Bucaramanga.  Tourist don’t just come to San Gil since it’s so quite and far from main tourist destinations in Colombia such as Cartagena and Bogota.  The State of Santandar is misertravel favorite state in Colombia.  Especially for the panoramic road trip between Bucaramanga and San Gil.  If you plan on engaging in extreme sports in San Gil, make sure to research some travel insurance.

If you plan on getting to San Gil by bus (the cheapest option), this is how.


The bus company called Cotrasangil is the main operator that provides dedicated bus service from the Bucaramanga  Transport Terminal to San Gil.  Visit their website http://cotrasangil.com/ for schedule, booking and contact information.  If you are unable to book online,  send them an email.  You can also purchase your ticket at the location which is located at a booth at the Bucaramanga Transport Terminal on the map above.  Never purchase your tickets from third parties and go to the bus terminal in Bucaramanga directly and purchase at the booth.  

If you need to reach San Gil outside bus operational times from Bucaramanga,  you can negotiate with a taxi from your hotel.  The fare is really reasonable considering the distance. This is Misertravel preferred way to get to San Gil.  The ride is so high up the mountains and can feel intense for some people on the bus since, there are no guard rails in many locations and, vehicles often have to speed towards on coming traffic to get around slow moving vehicles.