Vamos a Los Nevados National Natural Park.

Los Nevados is a national park located in the Colombian Andes. It’s misertravel favorite destination and number one tour near the city of Pereira.

How to get there?

Misertravel don’t recommend using public buses/collectivos that leave from the city center of Pereira towards Los Nevados. Misertravel recommends getting from Pereira to Los Nevados by car. It is the fastest, most convenient, and essential if you plan on stopping along the scenic route to take pictures and really enjoy your trip. The drive is approximately 2 hours from Pereira by car.

The cost is really low and reasonable considering the distance. Your next best option is to arrange with a tour company found online or at your hotel reception in Pereira. However, if hiring a taxi/driver cost similar to the tour, misertravel recommends hiring the driver/taxi instead. Your hotel reception area will most likely have preferred drivers that works through the hotel.

The trek is not difficult and the main challenge is the spontaneous rainfall which is throughout the year. Even if the news forecast says no rain, it doesn’t seem to apply at Los Nevados, so bring the right equipment to stay dry.

If you go by car, you can stop at small towns such as Santa Rosa on the way to or when returning from Los Nevados National Natural Park.  Souvenirs are really cheap here.