Punta Cana vs Bavaro.

Misertravel’s villa in Punta Cana.

It’s important to figure out where you want to go coming here. Misertravel stays in both locations. Misertravel has toured nearly the whole island and here are your quick tips.  

Bavaro Beach

Punta Cana is for the more private, quiet, family, couple on their honeymoon.  It’s also a popular destination for the famous, rich and wealthy wanting privacy on a nice beach front Villa with a golf course.  You have to pay for additional services here mostly.  Here, misertravel stays at a beach front villa with a golf course and golf cart to drive around.   

However, misertravel prefers to stay in Bavaro at a resort where the PADI dive club is located and stays in the section with the best resort wristband.  Misertravel stays at this same resort in Puerto Plata to use the dive club.  

Bavaro is where all the lively excitement is for all crowds. This is mostly all inclusive.  This is most likely what you are looking for and where misertravel recommends you go if you coming here for the first time.  The Bavaro beach strip is really long and you can walk pass all the other resorts and join parties and beach activities outside the wristband zones of all the other resorts.    

Bavaro Beach.

Some resorts have multiple resorts at the same location and have wristband zone restrictions within the resorts. If you staying at the most expensive resort within the resort, that generally gives you all inclusive access to everything else the resort have to offer.

Mid August and through the height of the hurricane season is when you get the best deals here. However, it’s still busy those times with mostly Canadian, European and South American tourist. To keep it miser here is to look at the price calendar for the resort you choose.  Arrangements change and new resorts are always being constructed.  It’s 2020, so do your own research and read reviews from actual customers online before booking.  

Punta Cana = quiet and personal

Bavaro  = Everything, lively and entertainment. 

Misertravel’s all inclusive resort in Bavaro.
Misertravel’s villa in Punta Cana.
Misertravel’s villa in Punta Cana.
Misertravel’s villa in Punta Cana.
Misertravel’s dive club Bavaro.
Bavaro Beach

You can find day trips to tour Santo Domingo from your resort or online.  Misertravel considers the prices as of 2020 reasonable.   If you staying in Puerto Plata, you can find similar tours to Santiago as well.   

Safe travels.