Vamos a Managua. 

Nicaragua is a misertravel favorite bucket list destination in Central America.  It’s still not spoiled by tourist and people just don’t go to Nicaragua. For this reason, food, lodging, and excursions are relatively cheap.  You can really keep it miser in Nicaragua.   Felt very welcoming from the time you land and going through immigration.

Even though the dollar is accepted and preferred, paying in Nicaraguan Cordoba is a lot cheaper for you.

Where to stay in Managua?

You can stay where ever you like within the city based on reviews since it’s not a pedestrian city with a big city center to walk everywhere.  You most likely will be taking a taxi.   It all depends on your budget. Misertravel stays at a local budget hotel.  Breakfast included.

What to see?

Misertravel hired a guide and toured all the attractions. The hotel receptions have plenty of tour option however, misretravel negotiated with drivers to the volcano and paid in Nicaraguan Cordoba.  This cost a lot less.

The Palacio National De La Cultura is a great place to get additional history from the guide(s) that you will not find on the internet.  They don’t tell you this explicitly but a tip/donation is appropriate here for the tour.  The Metrocentro mall is the best shopping mall available with a nice food court.