Vamos a cerro Monserrate. 

Cerro Monserrate is misertravel number one tourist attraction in Bogota.

Climb on your own or take the lift like most of the tourists? click on image below  for latest operational information on Monserrate.

Unless you are in good physical condition and have made prolonged difficult stair climbs, misertravel recommends not climbing Monserrate.  Misertravel has completed this task and considers it difficult for none climbers.  The elevator/lift/cogwheel takes you up and down really fast and it’s the preferred method by tourist to get on top. Just in case if you was unsure, if you’re not a climber or in good physical health, you should experience significant body pain for a few days after such a climb, especially going down the stairs.  It takes a really long time.

Don’t forget your souvenirs once you reach this section on top of the mountain.  The souvenirs here cost less and you will not find most of the Monserrate specific items at the airport.

Misertravel recommend not booking with a tour to go to Monserrate and do it yourself.  That way you can take your time and spend all day on top if you choose.