Vamos a Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

If Santa Cruz is not your first stop in Bolivia, it should feel like you back to calm life after all the national geographic tours once you arrive here. That’s how it felt for misertravel. If you coming from La Paz, you will feel the complete difference in the air and altitude.  

Misertravel recommends Santa Cruz as your rest stop if you need a break from the high altitude excursions in other parts of Bolivia.  Flights to here are really cheap. Even when booked last minute.   

Where to stay?

Misertravel stayed at an amazing hotel across the street from Cathedral of Santa Cruz.  The nightly rate was $32 buffet breakfast included.  

What to see?

The top landmark in the city is Plaza 24 de Septiempre which is where the Cathedral of Santa Cruz is located.  Misertravel visited all the landmarks and markets in the city. The market that has everything you looking for is Feria barrio lindo.   The local taxis here are cheap and safe.  It’s your best way to get around the city.  The Paseo Artesanal La Recovas sells mostly souvenirs.  The prices are reasonable and similar to the markets.