Let’s go to London and Paris.

Plan, book it, and do it yourself like misertravel.

London is one of the most richest and expensive cities to visit in the world.  You want to do a drive by and Brexit ASAP to really save your wallet coming here.  Misertravel recommends combining your vacation with a stop to Paris to make your trip worthwhile and reduce the punishment on your funds.  Especially if you flying all the way here for a first trip to London or Europe from North and South America.  This can save you significantly in flight cost from taking two separate trips here.  You can still enjoy the euphoric feeling of being to London and Paris on a dime.    

You have many booking options of flights and train to combine a London and Paris trip.  One way flights and train between the cities are really cheap when booked in advance.  You can split a 4,5,6 night vacation between the two cities and get a chance to tour nearly all the major attractions in both cities in as little as four nights.

You can fly into London and Leave out of Paris by booking one way flights.  Within Europe, these fares are generally cheap when booked in advance because of competition.  If you in North America, these flights can be relatively cheap based on the season or if you leaving from a major city with airline flight route competition.  Use the flight calendar to search.

Misertravel has toured nearly all of London and Paris and here are your quick tips.  

This image is only for reference/citation. Click on this image to be re-directed to the London Tube/Underground train network for the actual map and operation information.

Visit the Tube/Underground transportation site to familiarize yourself with the map.  Misertravel uses Google maps since it’s quicker and the train routes, and schedule are incorporated with walking directions.

Get your unlimited tube visitor pass. You can get this pass at Heathrow airport just like misertravel when you arrive. This is all you need for your travels and sightseeing. You want to avoid taking taxi cabs if you on a budget in London. Plan your trip if you plan on staying out past midnight by taking the bus since most of the trains shutdown at midnight and there goes 60 pounds cab ride back to your hotel.

Click this link for London visitor pass information. https://tfl.gov.uk/travel-information/visiting-london/getting-around-london/best-ways-for-visitors-to-pay/visitor-pass

Where to stay in London?

You want to use the map function and pick a hotel near a London Underground/Tube train stop.  Misertravel stay at a hotel near Earl’s Court train stop.  This was about 40 minute train ride on the Piccadilly line from London Heathrow Airport.  You have a much better price range this way.     

What to see?

List all the attractions you want to see, search them on the map and get there by train.  Google maps will even give you the trip plan with walking directions.  That is it. You don’t need to use the red double deck hop on hop off tour bus. It could strain your eyes if you using it since they look similar to the regular London city buses.  The tour bus is only recommended if you really don’t have enough time.    

Where to stay in Paris?

Click on this image to be re-directed to the Paris public transportation website.

Paris can be a bit more challenging, however, is easily accessible by public transportation. Click the map above to visit the cities official public transportation website with updated maps and trip planning.  Misertravel prefers Google maps since it’s quick to get trip planning directions with walking directions to tourist attractions. Use the mapview function when selecting a hotel and pick one near a train stop based on your budget and likeness. Misertravel stays right by the Gare du Nord train station.

What to see?

Unlike London, Misertravel recommends taking the train to your hotel, general commute, however, for tourist attraction sightseeing on a short vacation, the hop on and hop off tour bus in the better option in Paris.  Paris can be challenging to get around by public transportation. It can feel like an overwhelming culture shock for some people.  The hop on and hop off buses here generally come around more often simply because there are a lot more tourist in this city.  Keep your valuable secure at all times in the city wherever you are.

St Pancras International, London and Gare du Nord, Paris are the train stations that you leave or arrive from if you decide to take the train between London and Paris.  Both are major stops on the train networks of London and Paris. Using public transportation is easy to commute to and from there from your hotel or airports.

Here is the link for the main train operator between Paris and London.


Misertravel recommends booking your train and hotel separately unless the train and hotel package is a better deal which is unusual.  

Although London and Paris each have two major international airports, misertravel recommends you fly into London Heathrow (LHR) and Paris (CDG) unless the price difference for the tickets are really a big difference to the other airports (London Gatwick and Paris Orly airports).