Vamos A Bucaramanga.

Bucaramanga is located in misertravel favorite state in Colombia, Santander. The cities and it’s surroundings are really green, panoramic and beautiful. It’s the perfect setting in Colombia for eco tourism. 

 The city itself is pretty quiet and laid back compared to Bogota and not as congested. Misertravel prefers walking days trips in the city center and uses the Cathedral of the Holy Family as a reference point. Misertravels favorite attractions is Parque nacional de Chicamocha located approximately 60 Kilometers south of the city center of Bucaramanga.

Where to stay?

Stay where ever you like in the city based on online reviews from other customers. Hotel prices are really low cost in this city. However, if you plan on taking a bus to another destination, keep in mind your distance from your hotel to the bus station.

How to get to Parque Nacional de Chicamocha?

If you on vacation, the best, and convenient way to get to the Parque Nacional de Chicamocha is by car. Car is misertravel preferred method to the park. Visit for operational schedule and transportation information by bus from Bucaramanga. The bus company called Cotrasangil is the main operator that provides dedicated bus service from the Bucaramanga Transport Terminal to the park as well.

Visit their website for schedule, booking and contact information. If you are unable to book online, send them an email. You can also purchase your ticket at the location which is located at a booth at the Bucaramanga Transport Terminal.