Vamos a Antigua, Guatemala.

How to get to Antigua?

The taxi is misertravel favorite way to get to Antigua for the speed and safety. The fare is reasonable considering the distance. The taxi fare between Guatemala City and Antigua cost about 200 to 300 QZL. The price can be cheaper if you staying in Guatemala city and negotiating a round-trip day trip with a local taxi. The fares can be higher at night and when leaving from the airport vs a local taxi in the city.

You can also take the shuttle van from the airport or from your hotel to Antigua. The main operator is atitrans. The fare is 15 U.S. dollars each way. Visit for booking information and operational schedule. Misertravel don’t recommend using the really cheap local bus between Guatemala City and Antigua for safety.

Where to stay in Antigua?

Misertravel recommends staying in the city center using your walking distance to Parque Central as a reference point. From here you can walk to nearly all of the major attractions to see in Antigua even Cerro De La Cruz.

Souvenirs cost less here than at the airport.