Vamos a Quito. See Quito in 48 hours.

Where to stay?

Misertravel recommends using the map function when booking your hotel to pick a hotel in close proximity to one of the pick up stops to the Quitotourbus and or Teleferico station. Don’t forget to read the reviews from actual customers of the hotel you choose.


Quito is one of misertravel’s favorite cities in the world for tourist attractions.  The panoramic views throughout the city are breathtaking.  Misertravel has toured all the tourist attractions in Quito and surrounding area by private and public tours and has narrowed down the best tours to save you money and time.

The official Quito city tour bus is the best bargain for a city tour and a tour to the middle of the world attraction.  If you in Quito and don’t have much time, you should combine this tour with a ride of Teleferico Quito cable cars. Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve and Middle of the World, are the main highlights to see for misertravel which is included with the Quito tour bus.

Misertravel considers Basilica Del Voto Nacional , the main highlight of the city tour.  The stair challenge is worth climbing all the way to the top of Basilica Del Voto Nacional for the views.

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Most visitors use their cell phones to take pictures and videos.  You definitely will not need to buy a camera if you have any late model cell phone that takes beautiful pictures and videos.  The best additional video capture gear you may need to capture these magnificent scenes is a Go Pro 8, 9, or 10. if you don’t own a drone already, recommends the DJI  Mini 3 Pro since it’s compact and easier to travel with.  

Visit these links for latest operational information on the Teleferico and Quitotourbus. and  If the websites are down, search online for more information.

You can go to the main highlights by private vehicle and ride the Teleferico if the tour bus in not an option.

Cotopaxi National Park and Quilotoa Lake are full day tours. If you have time,you will get the best pricing and service when these tours are booked in person or from your hotel reception tourist information section.  

Don’t forget to bring your passport, if you want a paged stamped for the Middle of the World site.