Vamos a Cartagena.

Misertravel has toured all of Cartagena, visited for most major events such as Cartagena Independence and even the national beauty pageant at the Hilton Cartagena. Cartagena is really hot and humid and really the urban concrete beach city fortress of Colombia. 

If you arriving at the international terminal in Cartagena, walk across to the domestic terminal arrival area to use the ATM’s. You need Colombian Pesos. Things costs a lot less when you pay in Colombian Pesos. The taxi ride from the domestic side of the airport to your hotel in Walled City or Bocagrande is 18,000 to 20,000 Colombian Pesos.

Where to stay?

Misertravel recommends staying in Walled City for your first trip to Cartagena.

Misertravel stayed in many hotels in Bocagrande and Walled City. The northern tip of Bocagrande and Walled City are not really far apart by walking or taxi. The real difference is everything seem to be going on around Walled City, while many of the top rated hotels and beach area to be are at the southern most tip of Bocagrande.

Misertravel splits stays between both areas in Cartagena. The vendors nonetheless can be extremely unpleasant in Bocagrande. They frequently enter restaurants and interrupt you while eating.

What to see? 

Misertravel has toured the entire city by private guides and public tours. Misertravel recommends using the hop on and off sightseeing bus as transportation to see the top attractions and not as a guide. It’s the most economical way to get to the sites. If the bus is not available, you should take a taxi to the main sites you want to see. 

Convent of Santa Cruz de la Popa is misertravel favorite attraction in Cartagena, followed by Castillo San Felipe de Barajas.