Welcome to Jamaica.

What ever your budget maybe coming to Montego bay, Negril, or Ocho Rios, the most important thing to remember when booking your resort is you have to research the latest reviews from actual customers online. Customer experience should be your number one inquiry.  

Misertravel prefers to stay at the resort where the PADI dive club is located.  It just happen to be one of the top rated all inclusive resorts on the whole island.

Misertravel met a couple on their honeymoon at the resort that book their package through a travel agent. Misertravel paid $456 for four nights while the couple paid $2200 for two person for the same four nights.  The only thing their package included was an airport transfer.  Flights not included. The cringe on the husbands face is unforgettable.  Your travel agent might be selling you the worst possible deal.

Research and book your own package. Third party websites often give you a lot better pricing than booking directly with the resorts. Compare pricing of air and hotel packages on the airline websites and third party websites.  

Although misertravel traveled to Jamaica and had no safety concerns even leaving the resort by bus, mistertravel recommends staying up to date with general safety bulletins from your own country prior to visiting Jamaica. Do your own research and you can view the ones for Canada, UK and U.S.if you country don’t have this information.