Let’s go to Italy.

Have you noticed really cheap flights to many Italian cities between many countries all across the globe?  Especially during the cooler, lower tourist season times between September and early December, and mid January to late April.    

Well, there is a catch.  There is no selling point when it comes to Italy.  Italy has it all when it comes to history, culture and attractions.  When you arrive in Italy, you will probably realize its relatively expensive to tour any city in the country.  In many cases, a taxi from an Italian airport to your hotel will cost more than you’re flight.    

Unless you been saving thousands to prepare for a wedding, honeymoon, family vacation, be prepared to spend a lot of extra money.

Misertravel has toured Italy from Sicily to Milan.  Here are you quick tips to keep it miser.

Cheap flights to Italy.  

Misertravel buys those tickets as a cheap option to get into Italy or to transit to another Italian city or other city in Europe. When booking your flight, avoid arriving too late so you have more public transportation options.  

Take the bus and/or train between the airport and your hotel.

The train is misertravel preferred mode of transportation between Italian cities.

Misertravel recommends using whatever search method you prefer to find train tickets however, double check the price directly from the train operators website/app.  It’s usually cheaper to find the best rates directly from the operator and you will eliminate seating preference issues when booking your journey. For example, misertravel paid 36 Euros for a standard ticket purchased directly from the train operator.  However, third parties had it on “sale” for 78 Euros.   

Misertravel paid 36 euros for a long distance trip on this high speed train. Third parties charged twice as much for the same ticket.

Here are some direct links to Italy train operators to price compare with your own searches. Don’t forget your international electric adapter to charge you’re phone, tablet, laptop computer while you enjoy the scenic routes.  




Rail travel packages are usually not a good deal.  Search your hotel, transportation, and tours individually and compare the prices.  You can book you’re cancellation free hotel and keep researching it to see if the price falls to cancel and re-book it.

Where to Stay?

misertravel’s hotel for 51 euros per night.

Use the map function when booking you’re hotel based on your budget.  You have a lot of options under 80 Euros per night in every city in Italy.  It all depends on when and how you search.  Avoid being loyal to a particular brand.  Choose a hotel near the central train station or near a major train/bus stop.  In Italy, the central train stations are the best reference point to commute and depart to and from the airport, hotel and tours.  

What to see?

You don’t need a guide to visit most sites in any Italian city.  Italy is easy to navigate by walking and public transportation. Plan a list of all the sites you want to see, relax and just get there.  You can download an offline map to your phone with GPS to assist you.  If you in an Italian city for a week vacation, walk and use public transportation to the sites.  If you on a short layover, take a comprehensive tour.  Tours are often cheaper purchased directly from the operator when you arrive.

Misertravel noticed souvenirs cost less near the central train stations in Italian cities. Especially in Rome.