Layover in Lima.

Swimming with wild sea lions at Isla Palominos  and Lima city tour in 24 hours.

Add a major adventure to your Layover in Lima.  Lima airport is a major hub to other destinations in South America and Machu Picchu.  If your flight to Cusco leaves at night, and you have the whole morning and day in Lima, you can go swimming with wild sea lions at Palomino Island, get to Plaza De Armes right after, and still make it to your flight in one day.

Where to Stay?

Misertravel recommends staying in Miraflores for your first trip to Lima.  It is the safer area for tourist and where the tourist bus departs. You will be 15 minutes walk away from Larcomar Mall and Playa Redondo. Most private tours to anywhere around Lima set their programming to pick you up from Miraflores.  You should use your walking distance to Parque John F Kennedy as a good reference point when booking your hotel.  When in Lima, you most likely will prefer to be in Miraflores at night.

What to see?

Misertravel has toured all the major tourist attractions in Lima and recommends the sightseeing tour bus that leaves from Miraflores as the best value.  If the bus is not available and you don’t have much time, take a taxi to Plaza De Armes De Lima for a day trip.  The main highlights of the city are right here.  The only thing you would not see considered a highlight is the ruins/Huaca Huantinamarca.  Keep your valuables secure. 

Misertravel favorite activity is swimming with wild sea lions at Palomino Island. There is only one tour operator that currently provide a dedicated tour boat to the island. Even if you find online operators, misertravel found out that they only operate as a third party that just provide booking and transportation.  To keep it miser, you can find your own transportation to the marina yourself, or book with the actual company, or book with third parties found online. The experience from start to finish was excellent.  This is link to the main boat operator.


It’s 2020 and we are currently on worldwide lock downs due to COVID-19.  Please do your own research to insure making this trip is possible and information is still current.