Death Road. Yungas Road La Paz, Bolivia.


Don’t forget you GoPro HERO 8, 9 or 10 Black – Waterproof Action Camera 4K- 5.3K60 Ultra HD #ad.

The best action camera for this adventure is a Go Pro.  The Go Pro 8, 9, and 10 have great image stabilization to capture all you’re memories while you ride.  You should need the 256g memory card. Three  or four batteries and a portable battery pack to charge your batteries as they run out.  You also need a helmet strap for the go pro.  You can find low cost ones that work great.  Click the image above.   

If you planning to cycle Death Road North Yungas, Bolivia, you probably did your research into La Paz and know what to expect and what to bring for your journey. Misertravel completed this challenge recently.  Even if you lived in an area considered high in altitude, the difference in breathing in La Paz area due to the altitude is really something you probably never experienced before.  You should feel it as soon as you land in La Paz when you get off your airplane.  The air will not feel normal again in La Paz until you get back on the airplane and the pilot pressurizes the cabin.   You should ask your doctor if altitude sickness can be a major health concern for you.

Now that’s out of the way, find a tour operator and go for it. Read the reviews for the many different companies that provide the death road bicycle tour.  Follow the instructions that they give you on what to bring.  

If you really want to document this journey, bring a good clip on helmet camera/GO PRO to avoid stopping to take pictures and videos while you bicycling.  The ride gets bumpy so your camera has to be attached really tight. 

If you never been mountain biking before or not a skillful bike rider, the journey is relatively dangerous and can be painful.  Especially if you fall on the unpaved sections of the journey on the rocks. And if you add a mild case of altitude sickness, you can feel disoriented sometimes.  This is why they offer or verify you have proof of insurance for this event.  The weather can change drastically from cold to hot and rain.

Misertravel plans on visiting death road again when things get back to normal from the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown.

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