Swiss Alps and Zurich.

Switzerland is the biggest small country in the world for misertravel. There is so much to do and see here in such a small country. However, it can be really expensive. You have to plan everything here to stay on the low end of your budget.


Where to Stay?

Lodging and food here can be really expensive. Misertravel stays at hotel’s anywhere near a train or tram stop. The trains and trams are very reliable even in the snow. The closer to Zurich HB main train station the better. If you are not use to it, many areas around Zurich is uphill and downhill. You will be basically “climbing” up and down to get to your hotel and everywhere else. So, you might want to pack light if you plan on walking and taking public transportation everywhere.  

What to see?

You don’t need to book any tour in Zurich.  All you need is your Zurich card and you can take the train and tram everywhere.  Never been lost in Zurich in ten years. You can use the Zurich public transportation map and Google maps works well with train schedule and walking directions are provided as well.

Misertravel’s number adventure in Switzerland is the Alps. In these day of COVID-19 trip disruptions, misertravel recommends booking and completing your excursions in Switzerland by yourself and try not booking until you get there if the activity is none refundable.

Riding the long distance train in Switzerland is an adventure itself.  Misertravel considers the train trips to Lucern (Luzern) and Airolo a real bargain.  You should by your tickets directly from SBB or at the station in Zurich HB main just like misertravel for the best rates.