Amsterdam and Brussels packages.  

Misertravel recommends booking this trip on your own and you can add Paris to this trip if you like.  See’s London and Paris page for travel information to Paris. Misertravel has toured both cities. Packages are not a good bargain for these destinations and you can get better hotels near train stations in the city center when you book it by yourself.  You should fly into Amsterdam and fly out of Brussels or Paris if you coming all the way from North or South America.

It cost approximately 400-900 Euros less than advertised 6-8 day packages to do your trip the misertravel way.  

Misertravel considers Amsterdam and Brussels expensive cities to visit.  

Misertravel’s hotel in Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam, misertravel stays at a 4 star hotel in the city center by Oude Church. You can find 3,4, star hotels in the 40 euro to 80 euro per night price range all year in Amsterdam.  You have to book early. It’s all supply and demand and the beds and room sizes are relatively small in Amsterdam. The most important thing for misertravel is a private room and private bathroom in Amsterdam.

In Brussels, misertravel stays near Gare Centrale. This is the ideal place to stay day and night and you are walking distance to public transportation to the airport, to Paris or back to Amsterdam.  The tour buses leave from here as well. Three, 4 star hotels in Brussels with a private room and private bathroom generally start at approximately 60 Euros per night in the walking distances of Gare Centrale.

What to see in Amsterdam and Brussels?

Misertravel recommends the combo boat and canal tour in Amsterdam and the hop on hop off tour bus in Brussels. That is all you need to get a good tour of both cities. Buy your tickets when you arrive.  

Trains from Amsterdam to Brussels and to Paris.

The trains from Amsterdam Central to Brussels Midi station start at approximately 29 Euros one way.  

The trains from Brussels Midi station to Paris Gare du Nord station start at approximately 45 Euros one way.

Visit nsinternational , Eurostar and Thalys for the most current prices and operational schedule.  

Book early for the best prices and to insure availability.

Souvenirs are good quality here.