Vamos a Costa Rica.

If you are generally uncomfortable to visit a foreign country other than for an all inclusive trip in a secluded area, you definitely want to go to Costa Rica for your first and safe introduction to a foreign country. Misertravel recommends Costa Rica for the most exotic jungle excursions without the usual aggressive tourist trap feeling for family and girl/guy trips.

Where to stay?

Unless you are heading to Liberia Costa Rica, you are going to arrive in San Jose. The top-rated hotels are mostly not in the city center and located far apart.  That affects how much you pay for taxis, food, and tours as well.  If you are going miser, stay in the city center.  Here you have a fair balance of hotels in proximity.  A lot of taxis are here, and you can walk to many places. If you are booking while drunk, don’t accidentally book a hotel or flight to San Jose, California. When booking, use the map view function and your walking distance to the National Theater of Costa Rica as your reference point.

Misertravel purchase tours at the hotel reception up to a third less than advertised online. If you already made your plans to San Jose/Costa Rica you should have a great time. However, if you plan on being in Costa Rica for a little longer, misertravel recommends purchasing excursions as you go once in Costa Rica. You might need a break anyway. For all outdoor excursions like Zip-lining, rafting, Volcano tour…it’s essential to book with a tour. Read reviews online for all tour operators.

Misertravel favorite adventures in Costa Rica is the rain forest/jungle and riding the local long route buses to other towns in Costa Rica for day trips. These rides are generally less than $10 U.S. dollars. Misertravel don’t recommends taking a bus to other towns if you don’t really understand what you are doing. The routes can be tricky and you can get yourself stranded. For example, misertravel only purchases tickets at the bus station and insure there will be return buses to comeback the same day.

Here are the links to three of the top operators at bus stations in San Jose.  Research their links to see if you might want to add more adventures to your trip.