Chile road trips.

One of misertravel favorite adventure in Chile is the road trips passing the Andes Mountains. The panoramic scenes are unbelievable. As long as the stretch is, if you have the time, it’s a very doable adventure. Misertravel only did small parts of the trip driving South from Santiago. The driver’s in Chile are really not aggressive and the road’s are easy to navigate. You just have to be an attentive driver yourself to make this a safe trip.

There are many trip planning options to get down to Patagonia by land and flying between Chile and Argentina. It’s generally a lot cheaper to plan your trip to Patagonia through and within Chile than going from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You can actually rent one way rental cars between Punta Arenas and Santiago Chile which is pricey and a long journey through Chile and Argentina. However, flights within Santiago Chile are incredibly low cost.  

Get a rental car and plan your road trip from North to South. Having your own car gives you the best experience especially to make stops and enjoy the scenes. The rental car rates here are relatively cheap. Book you rental cars in advance especially if you can’t drive manual transmission.

Misertravel recommends taking the loss damage waiver that’s offered for rental car insurance in Chile. It’s relatively cheap and it will make you less nervous driving through the mountains passing by the falling rock zones. Alternatively, if you don’t want to drive and want to enjoy some trips away from Santiago,you can go where the buses go from Santiago. Here are the links to two of the most popular bus operators from Santiago.